We will Provide Jobs for Graduates, Unemployed and Illitrates - NDE Director

The National Directorate of Employment (NDE) says it will train unemployed Nigerians and provide job opportunities for the underprivileged ones through its two planned innovative programs.

The Director-General of NDE, Abubakar Fikpo, mentioned two major programs, as Special Public Works and Graduate Coaching Scheme, while speaking about the reports compiled by the SERVICOM Compliance Evaluation (SCE) handed over to the Directorate which was part of SERVICOM’s duty to conduct an independent research on the quality of service  to ensure citizens based  service delivery.

The NDE chief said the two programmes were intended to provide jobs for the graduates and young school leavers to help them achieve their dreams.

 He further said “NDE has  the graduate attachment programmes for tertiary institutions leavers by way of  recruiting and send them to various corporate organizations across Nigeria.

“This is for the purpose of acquiring the necessary or prerequisite experiences for them to go and establish their own businesses or for them to be able to gain employment and be retained by such organization.

He said the Graduate Coaching Scheme was to reach two categories of Nigerians, thus: graduates who are not employed and secondary school leavers with special needs as well as those without requirements to secure admissions into Nigerian schools.

According to him “NDE will employ graduates to train those with failure in their secondary schools certificates, such as WASC and NECO examinations.

Abubakar said all the schemes in the National Directorate of Employment carry along all group of people including the illiterate ones.

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