Farmers anticipate bulky Crops - Kano

Farmers in Kano State said they expect plentiful crops in this year’s rainy season.

Reports say many farmers in kano have planted guinea corn, rice, groundnut, soya-beans, beans, millet and maize, among other crops.

The farmers said as at now, rainfall was steady and they predicted it would be sufficient for the crops to germinate to the desired especially that they planted early budding seeds due to the high cost of fertilizers.

Most of the farmers in kano stae said the reason behind taking up farming apart from improving their livelihood, was for food security.

They said although there has been frequent inflation in the price of fertilizer, the farmers managed to tilt their land and anticipate bumper harvest.

According to them, they apply animals dung and other waste as an alternative to fertilizer.

Majority of farmers intensified weeding and other farming activities they are supposed to do for the crops to provide the expected products.

A lot of people in northern Nigeria have resorted to farm, at a time the price of everything in the country was flying high.

Considering their plights, farmers in kano state particularly called on governments at all levels to deepen efforts in sustaining agriculture in the country.


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