Prison inmates Under-go Rigorous Educational Training to Advance Knowledge to Prepare for Life After serving in Correctional Centers - ENUGU

The Nigeria Correctional Service,said it has enroled about 895 inmates for the National Examination Council of Nigeria (NECO) external examinations at its Enugu State command in one decade.

This figure of was confirmed by the Enugu special study center of the National Open University of Nigeria.

Desk Officer of the University Kelvin Iloafonsi, said since July 11, 2011, when the study centre was permitted to take up , it uplifted  the educational status of the inmates from primary  to the university stage through rigorous contribution of the desk officers who taught the inmates how to attempt examination questions which led to their successes with flying colors.

 Mr Iloafonsi lamented when the University started in the year 2011, they were going round the correctional centers to convinced authorities and inmates to see   education as a penitentiary alternative and productive.

 He said it has been observed that prison inmates in Enugu have been showing interests to pursue their Education when they are free, saying the special study centre has championed reformatory services of the Nigeria Correctional Service in the state in the past ten years.

 Iloafonsi said that the study centre got Educational backup from upright humanitarian and inmates’ good organizations, whose partnership has led to free-of-charge schooling at various levels and most inmates hoped  to be involved .

The Nigeria Correctional Service has devoted resources to see e that inmates expand and improve their future academic-wise being in custody to become self dependant after serving in the center as prisoners.

Recent figures have shown that the centre got excellent results of  NECO examinations between 2016 and 2021, increasing National Open university of Nigeria NOUN’s successful  geometric, also increasing annually with initial 27 students in 2012 to 75 registered students in 2014.

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