NLC, ANAP in Solidarity with ASUU

In what appears to be a solidarity,the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) has appealed to its members to come out enmas for a national remonstration on July 26 and 27 in camaraderie with the
Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) who have been on strike for the past four in Nigeria.

Also in the solidarity train was the Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals (ANAP) that just recently declared intension to close shop Nigerian airports to share feelings with the (ASUU).

The union said its members would side with Nigeria NLC in its quest against the regrettable condition in the tertiary education sector across the country.


According to the general secretary of the association, Abdulrazaq Sa’idu, it is high time president Muhammadu Buhari endeavour to bring to an end the lingering ASUU strike as it impacts negatively on the Nigerians especially the youths who are the bedrock of any development.

He said the 4 months old strike has increased to the rate of crimes being witnessed, as some of the sitting at home students have started thinking other-wise, thereby crippling Nigeria’s educational system and makes it different in the international community.

 The ASUU, NASU, SAUTHRIAI, NAAT have been on strike due to the clear disappointment of Nigerian government to respect its covenant with associations since 2009.

The protracted industrial action and Economic hardship have been on, making all poor and average Nigerian homes to suffer, while losing hope and confidence in authorities.

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