NEMA - Nigerian Derelicts in Agadas, Niger Republic repatriated, warned Against illegal Migration


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has said that so far it has   received a total of 140 Nigerians as derelicts in Agadas, Niger Republic.

Agency’s Coordinator, in Kano state Dr Nuradeen Abdullahi, received the returnees in Kano on Saturday 30 July 2022.

The deportees were transported to kano by road under the care of the International Organization for Migration under the voluntary repatriation program for the distraught, who travelled out in search of better life abroad and their missions proved impossible.

Among the them were 100 male adults, 30 female adults and 10 children from various states of the federation including plateau,katsina, Cross River and Lagos respectively, who according to NEMA  would be groomed to be self-dependants in different expertise after which they would be given funds to start up .

The illicit migrants were also advised to desist unlawful migration and see what happened to them as lesson to be used in advocating against uneven journey.

The Agency had also issued clothes, food, toiletries, blankets, mosquito nets, pampers, sanitary pad and clothes for use before they recover from the stress.

According to NEMA’s coordinator Nigeria  shall remain the best place for its citizens to seek for whatever kind of life they want, being the giant of Africa.

One of the returnees, a mother and divorcee who hailed from Kaduna state testified that as she attempted to cross boarder to Libya she learnt a lot of unforgettable lessons with her off-springs.

There had been persistent cases of irregular migration among Nigerians who believed that life in their home country will never change to what they have been dreaming of despite abundant resources the country was blessed with.

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