The bill for the establishment of the Chartered Risk Management Institute of Nigeria has been passed by the senate during its plenary session.

Following a thorough scrutiny of the report submitted before the house by the Committee saddled with responsibility of establishment and Public Service in Nigeria.

The report clarified how it will control and take care of  the Chartered Risk Management Institute when it scales through.

One good side of the bill is the fact that it decreases the high level of risk being faced by Nigerians at a time the Economy of the country is in hardship, as the price of goods skyrocketed and income flow has depreciated.

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau from kano central is the Chairman of the Committee, he stressed the possible advantage of the bill which will give birth to the institution that by extension would improve ways of managing risk in public and private lives.

Shekarau stressed the need for creating awareness among public to have more knowledge of risk management, thereby organizing multiple symposiums that will pay attention to discussing how to engage in enthusiastic risk administration.







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