In what appears to be an answer to the plights of students and parents just recently about the possible trauma  anticipated of missing the 2022  NECO provided the Kano government refuses to pay National Examination Council (NECO) the outstanding bill  for 29, 031 students in the state.

Muhammad Garba, the Commissioner for Information in the state, while responding to a media report cunning that the state students might miss examination as a result of the  government’s failure  to resolve their examination fees.

Garba said in the list there are about 15,313 students with nine credits from its qualifying examination, out of which 1,018 live with disabilities.

In the scheme 7,300 are designated for Special Intervention primarily Girl Child Education in which the  local government councils of the state paid for 5,400 of them, assuring that the examination was not taking place this week  Monday, adding that what is going to happen this week is just the  teachers  modalities for the practical  prior to the examination.





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