NORTH CENTRAL : (COEASU) warns Fed. Gov. against possible strike.


The North Central Zone, branch of Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU), has called on the Federal Government to tackle their plights in order to forestall an industrial deed.

In a statement signed by its Vice President and Zonal Coordinator Nuhu Danlami, the union yesterday Thursday cautioned the Federal and State governments to avoid indirect crippling of colleges of Education by not responding promptly to their demands.

He said failure to do so will result to nothing but participation of their members in any industrial action call upon by its national leadership.

The union said inaction by the government is going to affect the successful running of the colleges and the future of Nigerian youth in general, as well as shattering the objectives with which colleges of Education were created on.

Just a fortnight ago the National Executive Council of the union has given the Federal government three weeks taunt to rally its stress, which comprise renegotiation of the 2010 harmony and  adopt UTAS policy for imbursement of dues.

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