KWARA: Pilgrims board commenced sensitization program


Kwara state pilgrims Welfare Board has announced the commencement of education and enlightenment program for  2022 intending pilgrims in the state.


The board said the pilgrims were being sensitized on what they are expected to meet do including their meeting at the airport  to Saudi Arabia.


The Executive Secretary of Kwara state pilgrims board, Ganiyu Ahmad, on Saturday in Ilorin enjoyed the pilgrims to lend a hand with the board for a flourishing Hajj operation.


Ahmad urged the pilgrims to call the attention of the board officials to any error noticed by them in a civil manner and it would be resolved as usual.



He said according to Saudi government people above 65 years of age would not be eligible to participate in this year’s operation, adding that the payment for hajj fee had been closed in the state since May 7, since the state has exhausted its 1,406 slots.


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