The Former Nigeria’s President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has  urged African leaders to prioritize rule of law, reconstruct public trust and strengthen governance institutions to intensify democracy and depress military coups in West Africa.

His Media Adviser, Mr Ikechukwu Eze, made the call at a two-day sub-regional dialogue on sustaining democratic principles in West Africa holding in Dakar, Senegal in proxy of the former president.

He tasked  African leaders to promote transparency, accountability and enclosure in their state policies to convey the dividends of democracy to their wards.

The former President, who is the chairperson of the West African Elders Forum (WAEF), organizers of the event, also noted that the shortfall of trust and space  between imagination  and reality was another basis for the democratic reversals in the region.

Jonathan attributed  “the non-adherence to democratic principles; disregard for the constitution, lack of respect to constitutional term limits and flawed elections as factor  to insecurity and the ultimate collapse of constitutional governments anywhere..

He urged leaders and citizens to put hands on deck to uplift their regions and embrace principles that define their humanity and issues that promote solidarity.

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